Mission & Vision

On my homepage you may already stumbled upon the quote by Black American civil rights activist Howard Thurman: "Don't ask for what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."


I discovered this quote in an online training for cuddle therapy from cuddlist.com. It is really powerful and expresses my motivation and desire to offer this work. Like many other body workers I see that touch deprivation, dis-embodiment, trauma and isolation are common direct effects of our more and more technical, rationalized, hyper individualistic, white supremacist and neoliberal-capitalist system. Often these issues are overloaded with shame and considered a "personal" issue. However:


Cuddling and consensual, caring & loving touch are a basic human need.


we experience positive, wanted and consensual touch it can help us stay and be healthy, resilient and with a positive sense of self(worth). It helps us to connect with our empathy, joy and intrinsic humanness and desire for connection. With my work I want to accompany people to get in contact with their wishes, needs and desires around touch.


My mission is to create spaces and settings in which people can experience that they are allowed to be themselves, express their needs, feel seen and maybe even have their needs and desires fulfilled and satisfied. On a structural level I want to contribute to more awareness around the importance of touch in our culture and society.


My vision is that people integrate more consensual and platonic touch into their daily lives and therefore have another / new resource for joy, inner strength, self esteem and self worth in their lives.