The cuddle room

Cuddling in a treetop - is that possible?


For a session I transform my cosy living room into a cuddle room. We can get comfy on a Thai kapok mattress with soft cushions and cuddly cotton blankets.


The space has a nice and calm energy, that is supported by the tranquility of the courtyard, the green rooftop and the big maple tree, whose branches almost reach the balcony and terrace. During the warmer months we can use the terrace as well. 


My studio is located in walking distance to S-Bahn Ostkreuz, Rummelsburg or Nöldnerplatz, in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible / barriere-free.


Like many body workers I offer my service with joy, my whole heart and I am deeply convinced about it's quality.


I want that my service can be accessed by as many interested people as possible. Simultaneously I want to be able to live well and securely and I don't want to exploit myself. I work with the concept of a sliding scale for prices.


That means that there are several prices depending on your financial possibilities. This model is based on trust and generosity and that people who can pay the regular or higher price, do so. Have a look at the scale below. If you have question, don't hesitate to contact me.



I have a contingent for the reduced price at my place. To a certain extent there is the possibility for other forms of energy exchange. Don't hesitate to talk to me!

For first appointments,  there is a 30min time window, for conversation included in the price!



  • traveling costs of 30/45/60€ depending on the travel time (max. 60min within Berlin)
  • If you can't book a session at my studio, because of the lack of accessibility, I don't charge the traveling fee

*I encountered this concept for the first time at "TransFormations - Trans Film Festival Berlin. The idea was developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk

Reduced 2


Energy exchange

Get in touch with me!



You struggle to cover your basic needs and have no expendable income.


Paying for my service would be a significant hardship in your life situation.



Reduced 1


60min = 50€
90min = 70€
120m = 100€
Your basic needs are met. You have expendable income, thou little.

Paying for my service may qualify as sacrifice, but it wouldn't create hardship.



60min = 70€
90min = 100€
120m = 130€

Your basic needs are easily met and you have expendable income.

Like most people, you need to be smart with spending your money. But paying for my service doesn't require a direct sacrifice from you. 



60min = 100€
90min = 140€
120m = 180€

You are well off. You have a lot of expendable income and economic power.

Money is abundant in your life. You don't have to  think about spending money or paying for different services. You can afford or want to sponsor the reduced prices.

Cancellation policy

If your plans change or you get sick, please let me know at least 24hours before the appointment. Otherwise I will charge you for the session. In cases of emergency and the current pandemic situation, we will find a solution!