Workshops & Group work

I love working with groups, collaborate with other body workers and am interested in developing projects and workshops together. During the lock down of the Covid pandemic I started working on online offerings for the "Corona Connect" Project of the queer body worker Vienna collective or the queerheartfestival - global online festival for loving men*.


Topics that I work with apart from touch and cuddling are embodiment practices, gender and masculinity, meditation & mindfulness and anti discrimination work and critical whiteness. Whenever the pandemic situation allows, my plan is to offer conscious cuddle parties for gay and queer folks. In order to stay up to date with my online work, follow me on Facebook or Instagram!


October 2020 - "The self cuddling experiment"

Can one cuddle themself? What other forms of self touch is possible apart from (genital) masturbation. How can we soothe and nourish ourselves in a time, where social distancing and reduction of physical contact was and is necessary for protecting one another? In this experimental workshop we will try to connect with ourselves, our hands, bodies and minds through conscious self touch. We will also include dancing, meditating, journaling and sharing in breakout rooms/small groups into this experiment. I am curious to discover, learn and exchange with other men* and folks around this topic.

April 2020 - Deep relaxation through connection

A guided meditation for queers


How does your body feel at this moment? In this guided deep relaxation practice we will dive into our different body parts from head to toe and explore which connections are present and alive within us, despite physical distancing.

This deep embodiment practice is inspired by and rooted in the socially engaged Buddhist tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and the plum village community. This 45min guided practice is a gift for you.