How does a cuddle session look like?

"I believe the heart of my work is to create spaces in which
people feel welcome, seen and respected in their full humanity."

In a cuddle session we can be free and creative. A session can be very physical and "cuddly" with spooning, holding, and lots of close and direct body contact. But it can also be less direct. It can include caressing an arm or leg, massage elements, back or head scrubbing, doing a meditation or breath work exercise together. Also there can be little or no physical touch, taking a walk in a park or just hanging out.


The absolute super power of a cuddling session is that it is really a space for you, your needs and your desires. It is a space where you don't have to do anything, be anybody different or perform. It is a space for you to receive and tune in with your wants, needs and desires. You are in the driving seat!


The core part of a professional cuddle session is that we agree on and promise one another, that neither of us will endure any form of touch that feels uncomfortably and that if something needs change, we will speak up.


In short: Your desires count, and my boundaries. Everything happens in mutual consent. I call this the "cuddle agreement".


Your way to a cuddle session

The best is to get in touch with me directly via Phone (call or whats app). I ensure to respond within 24 hours. Before a first session we will have a phone call to clear any basic questions. Then we schedule an appointment and I will send you the code of conduct. This is the container and includes the rules for a cuddle session.


In the first session, we have 30min of conversation time, before the touch and cuddling part. We can talk about your wishes and needs and sign the cuddle agreement. In follow up sessions, the first ten minutes of your booked time will be used for check in, the rest of the time is cuddling time. 


As for aftercare I advise to keep some open time after a session and not make you rush to the next appointment. Two days after your session, I will check in via e-mail with you and offer the possibility for Feedback.

Covid Pandemic

I want to be as responsible as possible and still make a cuddle session enjoyable. There are safety protocols from the German association for sex workers and Berlin-wide regulations for services requiring physical proximity (“körpernahe Dienstleistungen”) and massages, that I find useful. Get in touch with me about your needs!
Due to the current German regulations in place until Dec 20th, I don't offer cuddle sessions at the moment.


Trust & effects

I work with adult humans of all genders, sexual orientations, body types and abilities, races and ethnic or cultural backgrounds, ages, health conditions and life circumstances.

People are welcome with their different needs and motivations. A cuddle session can be used to benefit your well being, relaxation and self care practice, but also to explore issues and topics  around touch on a deeper level.


I explicitly welcome:

  • individuals identifying in the LGBTIQA+ spectrum.

  • gay men with addiction issues in sexual contexts
  • people with different abilities and "disabilities"

  • people with chronic health conditions

  • cancer patients and survivors

  • elderly people

  • folks living with personal assistance or in care institutions.

  • cis-heterosexual men* exploring their masculinity

  • Women* with the desire to explore platonic touch with a man in a strictly non sexual setting.

The star* beyond men* and women* is a way of visualizing that there are more then two genders and lots of variations within one gender as well.

Being a body worker, I consider it fundamental to work on establishing trust with my clients.


To be physically intimate with an unknown person seems odd at first for many people. But for platonic and cuddly touch to be experienced as nice and beneficial, we humans don't need a deeper friendship or relationship. What we need is a positive relationship and container, in which our bodies can feel safe and relaxed.


Cuddling can have a huge range of beneficial effects like: regulation of the nervous system, relaxation, soothing pain, less muscular tension and blood pressure, softening of muscles and connective tissue, calming, nourishing and comforting us, a better perception of our own bodies, more self esteem and awareness, feeling connected and at peace with oneself and the surrounding and so much more.


I value the openness, vulnerability and courage that my clients bring into a session and handle all information with full confidentiality.


"I am curious to get to know you".

Mental health & trauma

Cuddle sessions, like other forms of massages & bodywork can be a very powerful tool to foster mental and physical well being and connect us with inner resources, strength, joy and resilience! However, whenever we engage in embodiment work (that is to get in contact with ourselves, our bodies and what is alive in us) also wounds, challenging emotions or trauma may show up. Cuddling is not a substitute for professional medical and psychological / therapeutic consultation and help.


If you suffer from mental health illnesses or trauma in respect to physical integrity, know that you are most welcome here! However, if possible, I suggest that you consult with your health care provider(s) or caretaker(s) and integrate them into your decision to seek a cuddle service. This will help to create a safer container for our session.

"Thank you for taking care of yourself"