Cuddly Bodyworker


platonic, nourishing,
consensual touch


mindful * queer * authentic





Nice, that you are here!


I am Lukas, the cuddly bodyworker.


For a couple of years now, I have been exploring and working with the potential of platonic, consensual touch, cuddling and physical intimacy.


I believe that conscious, consensual, affectionate touch is part of our basic human needs and essential for our health, well being and personal growth & development. 


My work and offer is for people, who want to explore and integrate mindful & nourishing touch into their lives.


Learn more about my story and my vision & mission.


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My offers

cuddle sessions


Letting go, nothing to do, allowing yourself to receive and sense, relaxation, becoming soft, gentleness, coziness, full permission to be yourself, Oxytocin overflow. 

workshops & online stuff


Mindfulness, slowing down, connecting with our bodies, present in the here & now, awakening the hands, exploring self touch, be in contact with others.


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Note on the Covid Pandemic


Since May 18th I am able to offer individual sessions again. I feel very happy! I respect the regulations of Berlin authorities. That means for a cuddle session, you and me need a valid "Schnelltest" or proof of full vaccination or recovery.


I wish that we all can find ways to ease out of lockdown and find mindful ways to touch base and reconnect with one another!